ACORN Videos: San Diego and Tijuana Dreaming

James O’Keefe, Hannah Giles, and Big Government strike again, this time in the sunny clime of San Diego, California.  As they note, San Diego would be a perfect place to smuggle underage Salvadorean girls across the border into the US, but as Juan Carlos from ACORN advises, why bother?  Just set up the brothel in nearby Tijuana, where O’Keefe and Giles can operate outside US law.  In fact, the ACORN worker offers to partner with them if they do, because he’s got connections across the border:

“I have a lot of connections in Tijuana.”

He’s got a lot of connections, and apparently Juan Carlos is shopping for some social interaction, too:

In the second video, O’Keefe plays with Juan Carlos, telling him that he went to ACORN because some unnamed organization in Oceanside called the cops on them when they started talking about trafficking in 13-year-old girls. Even though Juan Carlos says he has cousins who are cops, he assures O’Keefe and Giles that he won’t drop a dime on them, and that he’ll help get the girls across the border. “Trust the Mexican people,” Juan Carlos says a number of times.

In the other four undercover projects, ACORN offered advice on tax evasion and hiding child prostitution, which was despicable enough. In San Diego, the ACORN staffer wanted a piece of the action. Is this a normal way for ACORN to raise funds?

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