Obamateurism of the Day

We have seen an ongoing theme from Barack Obama of general cluelessness on private industry, and especially on profit. For Obama, profit is part of “overhead”, or “taken off the top.” Profits are not taken off the top but are what’s left at the bottom, after expenses get paid — and expenses are the “overhead,” which includes items like salaries, supplies, rent, and so on.  By the way, that’s why it’s called “the bottom line,” because that’s where people find the profits in a ledger.  Profits come last.

Cuffy Meigs noticed the same problem and put together this “greatest hits” loop reel of Obama, the non-prophet of profit, or the prophet of non-profit, or more simply, a total amateur on the private sector:

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Illustrations by Chris Muir of Day by Day. Be sure to read the adventures of Sam, Zed, Damon, and Jan every day!

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