Videos: ACORN advising on tax evasion for pimps and prostitutes?

ACORN offered an undercover investigator for BigGovernment extensive advice on how to evade federal taxes.  Not just tax evasion, but also welfare fraud and advice on how to cover a conspiracy to traffic in underage hookers, as the conversation continued to develop.  Fox News has a headline blast on this story:


Officials with the controversial community organizing group ACORN were secretly videotaped offering to assist two individuals posing as a pimp and a prostitute, encouraging them to lie to the Internal Revenue Service and providing guidance on how to claim underage girls from South America as dependents.

The videotape was made public Thursday on, a political blog launched by Andrew Breitbart as a companion site to his blog.

In the videotape, made on July 24, James O’Keefe, a 25-year-old independent filmmaker, posed as a pimp with a 20-year-old woman named “Kenya” who posed as a prostitute while visiting ACORN’s office in Baltimore. The couple told ACORN staffers they wanted to secure housing where the woman could continue to maintain a prostitution business.

ACORN denies everything:

A spokesman for ACORN, Scott Levenson, when asked to comment on the videotape, said: “The portrayal is false and defamatory and an attempt at gotcha journalism. This film crew tried to pull this sham at other offices and failed. ACORN wants to see the full video before commenting further.”


That’s a little contradictory.  ACORN calls it false without having seen the video and says that the film crew tried this before and failed.  Well, apparently they succeeded on this occasion.  The video and the transcripts make this very clear:

Complete ACORN Baltimore Prostitution Investigation Transcript

How do these ACORN community organizers express their concern for the downtrodden Salvadorean teens impressed into prostitution by this would-be madam and prospective politician? “They don’t even exist.” “Call them ‘exchange students’.” “Train them to keep their mouths shut.” Neither of the two bat an eyelash at human trafficking while advising them to evade taxes and prosecution for their crimes.


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Jazz Shaw 3:01 PM on September 21, 2023