Video: Indian Health Services and Congress

Yesterday, I wrote again about the disastrous single-payer health-care system run by the US government for Native Americans, Indian Health Services. Naked Emperor News put together the following video which details not one but two deaths caused by IHS through incompetence and underresourcing, and shows various members of Congress from both parties assailing the shameful performance of IHS. Why hasn’t Congress reformed its own government-run IHS before attempting to “reform” the private sector?

This goes beyond the details of the health-care overhaul requirement. This should never have been allowed to fester as long as it has, and Congress under the leadership of both parties has ignored it for far too long. Before this Congress arrogates to itself the power to dictate the reordering of the private sector, it needs to fix the embarrassing program it already runs for some of the poorest people in the US. Ignoring the disaster of IHS while scolding the private sector over tonsillectomies would qualify as a sick joke under any other administration other than Hopeandchange.