Video: Krauthammer says Dean "speaks the truth"

How foolish was Howard Dean’s admission that the Democrats lack the testicular fortitude to offer tort reform as part of ObamaCare? Every opponent of ObamaCare now has a handy sound bite to press the demand for tort reform as a show-stopper — and clearly paint the Democratic Party as a mouthpiece for trial lawyers. Charles Krauthammer used the clip to damn Dean and the Democrats with the faint praise of Dean’s “truth”, as Townhall’s Greg Hengler catches:

Krauthammer’s right about the trial lawyers owning the Democrats, but not so much on Dean. Dean did speak honestly about not wanting to make enemies of the trial lawyers, but not completely honestly.  ObamaCare didn’t avoid tort reform out of concern of making too many enemies; it avoided tort reform because Democrats oppose tort reform altogether, and not just in the context of health-care reform.   Trial lawyers indeed own the Democratic Party, which is why we’re not seeing tort reform now, and why we won’t see it in the future as long as Democrats control Congress.

Dean spoke in half truths in this clip.  That still puts him ahead of most of his Democratic colleagues pushing this bill.