Video: The origin of the "Nazi" references at town-hall protests

Stephen Gutowski does the job the media wouldn’t do in tracking down the origin of the “Nazi” references at a handful of town-hall protests, including one oft-referenced poster showing Barack Obama with a Hitler moustache. Does that come from conservatives opposed to single-payer health care systems? In fact, it comes from a fringe group that opposes ObamaCare for not going far enough (via The Blog Prof):

Lyndon LaRouche is to the Right as Alex Jones is to the Left. They’re not representative of anything but a lunatic fringe. In fact, this is probably the most attention LaRouche’s groupies have received in a long time, and they don’t even get the credit for it.

If MS-NBC was a news organization, they could tell the difference, and they could have done the reporting that Stephen did here. Instead, they stick to their mission, which is political hackery on behalf of the Democratic Party. Real reporters may have also asked, as The Blog Prof does, why a man who held that poster also passed out campaign flyers for Rep. John Dingell (D-MI).

Update: Dave Weigel notes the LaRouche connection and credits Stephen, but calls LaRouche an ally to the Right on ObamaCare. Er, not exactly, Dave; they explicitly want a single-payer system, which is what their representative says on camera in that video.

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