Video: Sheila Jackson-Lee shows her respect for constituents

Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee (D-TX) went back to her district in Houston to show her constituents her respect for their concerns, which she demonstrates at about the 4:30 mark of this video. When was the last time one of your employees interrupted a meeting with you to take a cell phone call, especially in the middle of a tough question? Listen to the reaction around the person taking the video:

“She’s not even listening. … Seriously? … I mean, come on.”

Keep watching for a couple of minutes afterward, because Jackson-Lee does worse when she’s paying attention. She claims that the public plan won’t impact the existence of private insurance, and then in the same breath claims it will compete against existing private plans to make them “better”. And while her constituent tells a difficult tale of cancer survival, the best Jackson-Lee can offer is that a public plan will allow people to lose weight without having to pay $19.99 to those programs we see on TV. Er, $19.99 is less than most co-pays; it’s certainly less than what one has to pay through Medicare without Medicare Advantage for a doctor visit.

And what exactly is wrong with Slim-Fast and other private sector nutrition programs? They’re accessible, they’re effective for at least some people, and by the way, insurance plans don’t cover them anyway. If that’s the best sales pitch ObamaCare and Jackson-Lee have, it’s going down in low-cal flames.