Appearances: Right Online conference

Normally I don’t plan my weekends this far in advance, but this coming weekend is special.  I will be one of the featured speakers at the Americans for Prosperity Foundation’s Right Online Conference, the annual gathering of conservative activists on the Internet, which meets this year in Pittsburgh, PA.  I’ll be just a small part of a star-studded gathering, which includes Republican Senatorial candidate Pat Toomey, the Wall Street Journal’s John Fund, Fox News contributor Jim Pinkerton — and the boss, Michelle Malkin, whose presentation last year charged the crowd.

Besides the speakers, the conference promises some great discussions on leading issues for activists, such as:

  • Blogging 101: How to make your voice heard
  • Forced unionization
  • YouTubing activism
  • Protecting patients’ rights
  • Old & new media, and the conservative movement
  • Moving from Persuasion to Mass Mobilization

You can still get register to attend this conference!  It would be great to see Hot Air readers turn out in force, and to get the chance to meet up and exchange notes.  It’s Friday and Saturday, and just click on this link to register now!

If you’re in the area and can’t do the whole conference, AFP has a rally to send Arlen Specter a message scheduled for Friday evening at 5:30 pm.