Video: How ObamaCare will ration care

Short, funny, and to the point, from our friends at the Independence Institute. If you want to know how ObamaCare will likely control costs, look no further than Oregon’s management of Medicaid spending. Instead of having doctors give “best practices” and having treatment decisions stay between a patient and his/her doctor, Oregon’s politicians draw up a priority list each year for treatment funding. If your condition is higher on the politicians’ list, you’ll get more priority for treatment. If it’s lower, or not on it at all, then you can expect to deal with a pain in the ass — literally:

Advanced breast and prostate cancers aren’t covered, but anti-smoking treatment is? Acute respiratory infections aren’t covered, but weight loss is? You can get treatment covered for moderate depression, but serious anti-social behavior is left untreated? Sounds like the anti-tobacco lobby did a good job in Oregon.

As for the fissure problem, that definitely sounds like a job for Congress. In fact, it sounds exactly like Congress.