Video: Fox News picks up CBO-White House meeting story

Fox News picks up on my story from yesterday, although they don’t credit Hot Air with it.  Bill Hemmer and Megyn Kelly both raise eyebrows over the meeting between CBO director Douglas Elmendorf and President Barack Obama, and include the estimable John Fund of the Wall Street Journal in their debate.  John questions whether Obama intended to intimidate Elmendorf, but there isn’t much difference between intimidating and overawing an independent voice in this debate.  Click on the image to watch RCP’s video of the clip (via Yid with Lid):

Be sure to read my original post for the background, but Fund covers most of it pretty well.  Fox talked with people in the Bush administration to find out whether Bush ever “ordered” a meeting with a CBO director, or held one at all, and they claim it never happened.  As both Fund and I point out, the White House has its own budget office (the OMB), and its current director was Elmendorf’s direct predecessor (Peter Orszag).  If Obama needed clarification of CBO’s analysis or processes, he could get them from Orszag.  The only purpose Obama would have in meeting with Elmendorf would be to press him to bend his analysis more favorably towards ObamaCare — which is grossly inappropriate.

Fox says they will continue to update this story as they gather more reactions.  Stay tuned.