Video: 40th anniversary of mankind's longest step; Update: Photos of lunar module on surface

Today we celebrate the anniversary of the day three men — and thousands of men and women behind them — changed the trajectory of the human journey with a single step onto the Moon. Forty years ago today, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took mankind’s first steps on land other than Earth, while Michael Collins stood vigil in the command module in lunar orbit. Most of us grew up in a world where man had already walked on the Moon, but hopefully we will never forget the wonder of this moment, nor the hard work and sacrifice of the many people in the American space program who stood on the shoulders of both explorers and engineers to succeed:

This video features the restored video released last week by NASA. To see more of it, please visit NASA’s website.

Update: The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter took pictures of five of the six Apollo landing sites over the last few weeks.  Here’s Apollo XIV’s landing site (via Instapundit):

PopSci also has one of Apollo XI’s lunar module, too.  Click the link to see it.