Obamateurism of the Day

Barack Obama claims that his ObamaCare nationalization of the health-care industry will result in lower costs and healthier Americans.  The CBO has already shot down the first claim, and Obama himself appeared to contradict the second late last week.   When asked how private companies can contribute to the effort, Obama suggested that they implement programs … to prevent good health?

Obama:  Well, let me — let me talk about what I think the American people are going to have to do.  First of all, the American people have to recognize that there’s no such thing as a free lunch.  Right?  So, we can’t just provide care to everybody that has no cost whatsoever, you don’t end up having to make any decisions.

So, obviously, we’ve got to have a system that controls costs, gives people choices, but makes sure that we’re getting a good bang for the buck. And we’ve got to have the American people doing something about their own care.

Snyderman: So, self-responsibility.

Obama: So, self-responsibility is going to be critical. This is probably not going to be something that’s legislated. But I tell you what, every business out there is going to be looking at their health care bottom line. And increasingly what you’re going to see is that businesses are going to incentivize their employees to stop smoking, lose weight, get exercise, get regular checkups.

What we can do is we can encourage those companies that have those sorts of wellness-prevention programs. We can make sure that it’s easier to find a primary care physician to get a regular checkup, that everybody has basic insurance. But the American people are going to have to participate in their own health.

So we’re preventing wellness now?  I’ve heard of wellness programs, and prevention programs, but never wellness-prevention programs.  Unless that’s the new name for “comparative effectiveness,” which would be a good description for that rationing methodology.

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