Video: ObamaCare may fund abortions

Will ObamaCare use taxpayer money to fund abortions? Chris Wallace asks budget director Peter Orszag the explosive question on Fox News Sunday today, and Orszag attempts to dodge it. Wallace presses him for an answer on whether the White House will rule that out, and Orszag declines to do so. However, the answer is rather obvious:

Barack Obama and the Democrats, especially those on the hard Left, want two things. They want unfettered access to abortion on demand, which they will pursue through the Freedom of Choice Act … eventually, if Obama’s polling numbers stop sliding. That effort can also be accomplished through a health-care reform bill that provides a “public plan” as a Trojan horse for taxpayer-funded abortions. After all, universal care means universal coverage, and pro-abortion Democrats believe that abortions are an integral part of gynecology.

That isn’t limited to just the pro-abortion Democrats, either. Harry Reid, who advertises himself as “pro-life” said in March that he would vote for a health-care bill that provided taxpayer-funded abortions. There will be few if any Democrats in Congress that will stop health-care reform on the basis of taxpayer funding for abortions.