Video: Obama vs Obama on stimulus

It didn’t take long for the GOP to rip into the latest White House spin about Porkulus not being designed to stimulate the economy in the short run. The House Republican Conference produced this ad overnight and unveiled it at MS-NBC this morning, apparently hoping to reach those still outside the growing chorus of critics taking aim at the Obama administration:

Eastasia has always been at war with Oceania, Winston! Conservatives loudly argued that Porkulus wouldn’t stimulate in the short term during the debate in Congress over the bill.  Obama insisted on misrepresenting that argument as a demand to “do nothing” and claimed that the results would speak for themselves.  And so they have!  The only jobs that Obama can claim were “saved” were public-sector jobs, and even then, he’s misrepresenting what would have happened in the absence of Porkulus and its state grants.  The states would have had to cut jobs, but they would have had a wide range of choices for cutbacks; it’s highly unlikely that they would have started with teachers, police officers, and firefighters.  They would have started with bureaucrats — who belong to the SEIU for the most part, one of the Democratic Party’s most important contributors.

It’s a good ad.  Let’s see the GOP run this on a few other national networks.

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