Why is DoJ partnering with an unindicted terror conspirator?

Jen Rubin has an exclusive at Pajamas Media regarding the Department of Justice initiative on a “unique opportunity.”  The DoJ will sponsor a booth at an event run by the Islamic Society of North America, an organization last in the news with the DoJ because of its status as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation criminal prosecution.  Five convictions in the HLF case apparently didn’t deter Eric Holder from linking up with a descendant organization of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Rubin reprints an internal DoJ e-mail to its employees asking for volunteers for the booth:

Volunteers needed for unique opportunity. The civil rights division will be sponsoring an information booth at the islamic society of north america convention here at the washington convention center over the july 4th weekend. The division needs volunteers to work at the booth at times on July 3 through July 5. The ISNA convention expects 35,000 to 40,000 visitors and is a huge annual cultural event in the muslim community. The bazaar, where the divisions booth will be, will have more than 500 vendors and groups. The Division is looking for attorneys who can engage visitors in discussions about the Division and non-attorney staff, law students, and student interns who would be willing to hand out literature [sic] and answer basic questions. Acting counsel Eric Treene will hold an orientation session for all volunteers the week before, which will be particularly useful for non attorneys. If you are willing to volunteer for this unique opportunity, please submit your contavt [sic] information along with the dates that you can volunteer to the Human Resources Office email account.

Senator Tom Coburn attempted to stop this kind of outreach to organizations of ISNA’s ilk, but Democrats stripped out his amendment to the appropriations for the DoJ and other parts of the federal government in 2007.  Rubin has plenty of supporting links at the original post; be sure to read it all.

The identification of unindicted co-conspirators intends to inform people of the nature of individuals and organizations so that they can take care to avoid them.  In this case, the very agency which prosecuted the HLF defendants and identified ISNA as a partner in funding terrorist activity now acts as though ISNA is just another community group, making no particular threat to the US, despite its connections to groups funding Hamas and other terrorist networks.  It’s prima facie evidence that this administration does not take the terrorist threat seriously at all, and would much rather get face time with its enablers than to do its job and stop terrorists and their funding.

We have complained about the “law-enforcement approach” to terrorism.  What’s this?  It’s more like the “unenforcement approach”.

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