Troopathon update: Steamers still steaming!

The effort to generate care packages for the troops on the front lines continues to go full Steamers ahead!

The Hot Air Steamers continue to lead the contest with a week left, racking up over $5700 in donations, which go to buy care packages for our troops overseas in combat zones.  Robert Spencer’s Anti-Jihadists have closed the gap, though, surging to over $3700 in donations — which may be tough news for the Steamers, but great news for the troops.  Mark Danziger’s Team COINs has gotten on the board as well, and we know they’ll make it a race.

Here are your Hot Air Steamers:

They’re helping to make this a great competition, and a fun way to support a great cause.

We still need your help!  The blogger competition is certainly fun, but the point is to get as many care packages to the troops as possible, especially before the June 25th Troopathon that features Michelle Malkin, Rush Limbaugh, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Kelsey Grammer, Gary Sinise, and yours truly.  Just click on this link to order your care packages and put a smile on the faces of those serving our nation in the toughest theaters of conflict.  You won’t spend any better money this month!

If you’re a blogger, just send an e-mail to MAF (the e-mail is at the linked page), download a banner or graphic, and link it to the Steamers’ order page on your blog. I’ll post about this every day from now until the competition ends on the 25th, and include links to all my team members.  [Note: The MAF has to approve it first, and may want to even out the teams.]

Stay tuned for more updates!