Video: Henry Kissinger on Iran

Greta van Susteren interviewed foreign-policy expert Henry Kissinger last night on the events in Iran. Kissinger told the Fox News host that a change from Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Mirhossein Mousavi would bring only minimal change in policy, but more change in tone instead. Kissinger makes the same point that Amir Taheri posited in the New York Post yesterday, which is that the proclamation of divine will in what turned out to be a horribly botched election may have been a major psychological turning point for the people of Iran:

The Right Scoop points out this passage as similar to our argument yesterday:

“The Ayatollahs in my opinion cannot fully recover from the fact that they announced the election as a divine result and then had to start reconsidering it…and whatever different result they announce was not what they had originally intended to do.”

Kissinger says that Barack Obama could hardly have done less to support the protestors in the streets, despite the Iranian mullah’s accusations of interference, although Kissinger says that Obama made the right decision in not damaging Mousavi. I don’t think protecting Mousavi is the point, for the same reasons that Kissinger points out at first — there’s not much difference between Mousavi and Ahmadinejad, especially since both represent the Guardian Council and Ali Khamenei.

I did like Kissinger’s point about this being an evolution, not a revolution. Either would be progress.

Update: Don’t miss Gateway Pundit’s interview with Iranian freedom activist Kianoosh Sanjari.