The Ed Morrissey Show: Michelle Malkin, Christopher & Howe

Today, on the Ed Morrissey Show (3 pm ET), we have a high-impact Week in Review! Michelle Malkin will join us in the first half-hour to talk about her new column, in which she notes the politicization of Justice under Eric Holder. We’ll also talk about her reaction to the Playboy “hate-****” piece, as well as AOL’s decision to fire Tommy Christopher apparently in reaction to it, and much more!

For the last hour of our 90-minute Week in Review, Tommy himself joins me along with Caleb Howe for a new installment of Christopher & Howe. We’ll talk about the AOL decision, as well as the Sonia Sotomayor pick and the rest of the week’s news. Don’t miss a minute of it!

Note: Our usual Friday co-host, Duane “Generalissimo” Patterson of the Hugh Hewitt Show, is traveling today. He’ll be back next week!

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