Does Bill O'Reilly read Fox Nation?

While Bill O’Reilly takes shots at Hot Air for a Hussein reference in our comments — even though both Allahpundit and I have repeatedly rejected that line of attack on this blog — he apparently doesn’t read the offerings at his own network’s political blog, Fox Nation.  They have the same kind of open comment policy we do, of course, which we support, but which O’Reilly find so distasteful in others (but not himself, apparently).  One enterprising Hot Air reader checked to see whether the HA comment that Bill found so distasteful could be found at Fox Nation, and found it in abundance.

When will we see an O’Reilly Factor exposé on the lack of standards at Fox Nation?

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not trying to hold Fox Nation accountable for the comments left in its threads.  Fox could not run a dynamic, interesting political website if it spent all its time policing its comments sections, and neither can we.  For that matter, neither can O’Reilly, but we’re not the ones issuing sanctimonious head-wags on national TV for comments that also appear on the same network’s own political forum.  It would be nice if he’d stop being a hypocritical, screeching scold and acknowledge that.

How about it, Bill?  We’ll await the segment on your criticism of Fox Nation — and your own website — with great anticipation.

Update: David Knowles at AOL asks a good question: “But when did O’Reilly of all people become so concerned about restricting opinions that one group or other may find offensive? Isn’t that the entire premise of his show?”