Video: Kit Bond says CIA doesn't brief on rejected techniques

Time has this moment of clarity from Senator Kit Bond, who must wonder where the media’s common sense went yesterday. Why would the CIA call a briefing to discuss waterboarding to say they weren’t going to use it? Since Time blocks embedding, I’ll use MS-NBC’s embed of the entire video, but the money quote comes at the 6:45 mark, but you’ll be plenty entertained by then.

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BOND: I’ve been in briefings, and they don’t have briefings to tell you the techniques they’re not going to use. [Laughter]

Q: That’s a really good way of putting it.

BOND: That dog doesn’t hunt. [Laughter]

Watch the whole clip. Bond explains clearly why the CIA would never flat-out lie to the people who control their pursestrings, which Joe Scarborough knows from his time on the Hill. Not only does Bond rip Pelosi, so does the entire MS-NBC panel. By the time this ends, they’re all laughing at Pelosi’s latest story.