Lieberman: CIA tells me the truth

Senator Joe Lieberman doesn’t quite call Speaker Nancy Pelosi a lying sack, but he comes pretty close. When asked by Norah O’Donnell whether the “CIA misleads [Congress] all the time,” as Pelosi alleged today in her press conference, Lieberman laughs out loud (via Weekly Standard):

No, on that specific point, I totally disagree. You have to have confidence in the CIA. And over the 20 years I’ve been here, I’ve been briefed constantly by the CIA and I’d say that they’ve told me the truth, as they see it.

O’Donnell says the CIA stands by their earlier statements on the briefings. Don’t be surprised to see more Democrats peel away from Pelosi after her foolish double-down on a 12 today. They don’t want to be anywhere near her when the next shoe drops, probably in the form of specific briefing notes that will prove the CIA right and Pelosi a liar.

Anyone think that Obama’s regretting the release of the OLC memos now? I’d bet that he’d like a do-over like he got with the photos yesterday.