Did I say Specter for the Cure? I meant Specter for Specter!

Last weekend, Arlen Specter all but accused the GOP of killing Jack Kemp for not increasing health research spending more than 46% over the six years between 2001-6, almost as much as they increased defense spending (48%).  At the time, Specter also launched his new website, Specter for the Cure, which gave the appearance of raising money for cancer research but actually raised money for his re-election campaign.  Politico reports that Specter quietly made a few changes to the site after unanimous disgust:

Sen. Arlen Specter’s campaign team has changed the layout of its specterforthecure.com Web site to make it clear that the site is aimed at promoting Specter’s reelection to the Senate.

The move follows criticism that the site – and Specter’s description of it on “Meet the Press” and “Face the Nation” last week – could leave visitors confused into thinking it was raising money to promote medical research.

As POLITICO reported earlier this week, visitors to the earlier version of the site were greeted with a banner promising “A Giant Leap in Turning Cancer into Cures.” While the homepage of most campaign Web sites feature a photo of the candidate, this one offered a picture of a woman with red tape over her mouth. The caption: “Red tape leaves medical research gasping for breath. It’s time we let loose the winds of a cure.”

Those are still there, but the site has been altered so that a reference to Specter’s reelection campaign – which previously had been buried below the fold, nine paragraphs in – is now in the first paragraph on the site.

Has there been anyone recently as thoroughly out for himself as Arlen Specter?  He exploited Jack Kemp’s death to get campaign donations through deceit.  That’s practically a cynic’s trifecta.