Ramirez: Dr. Weasel

Not to be confused with DocWeasel, whose blog is too NSFW to link, but instead a reference to Dr. Evil of the Austin Powers movies.  Michael Ramirez skewers Barack Obama by comparing the pomposity of his announcement that a thorough search of a $3.5 trillion budget only uncovered $17 billion in waste.  Somehow, I think Michael’s giving too much credit to Obama’s Number 2:

Who’s Number 2?  Can’t be Peter Orszag; he was busily flacking for the monumental achievement Obama accomplished in getting a 0.5% cut in a budget he himself expanded by 12%. Even Wolf Blitzer gently pointed out the absurdity, calling the $17 billion cuts “trims”:

Ramirez has a terrific collection of his works: Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion, which covers the entire breadth of Ramirez’ career, and it gives a fascinating look at political history.  Read my review here, and watch my interviews with Ramirez here and here.  And don’t forget to check out the entire IBD site, while individual investors still exist.

Update: Mini-Me (from Theodore’s World):

Allahpundit Dec 03, 2021 3:21 PM ET