Video: Protesting Israeli "criminality" by ... massive theft; Update: English subtitle version added

The French have an odd notion of boycotts. My good friend Scott Johnson at Power Line discovers this video of a “boycott” action in France organized, apparently, by, or at least publicized by them. Take a look at the uniformed thuggery that takes place in a French grocery store:

Boycotts are perfectly legitimate free-market forms of protest — but this isn’t a boycott at all. A boycott is an organized effort to stop buying products or services from some offending source. This is an organized theft ring and nothing more. Unless they’re paying for those groceries, which would defeat the entire purpose of the protest, the Palestine Vivra group is committing grand theft and conspiracy to commit grand theft. That’s not a legitimate act of political protest; it’s thuggery. The most ironic part of this video is the frequent references to Israel’s “criminality” while the groups steals everything that they can grab …  and while their fellow countrymen don’t lift a finger to stop them.

It’s not Krystallnacht, but it’s in the same league.

Update: Scott sends this note from one of his readers in Europe:

This video is even more grotesque than you think. It was shot in a suburb of Paris called Aulnay-sous-Bois. The next-door town to Aulnay is called Drancy, about 1 mile away. Drancy was used by the Nazis between 1942-1944 as a deportation holding camp for the Jews of Paris prior to the deportation to the extermination camps in eastern Europe. 65,000 Jews passed through Drancy, of whom 63,000 were killed. In other words, the Israeli boycotters have chosen, of all the supermarkets in France, the one closest to France’s most important holocaust memorial site.  Look on google maps to see how close they are.

Google Maps has a nifty embed feature, so look no further:
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Update II: HA reader Bethany sends the code for the same video, with English subtitles:

If anything, the translation makes the entire event look even more stupid.  They screech about Carrefour carrying products that they say originates from stolen lands … and then they steal the products.  They even steal flowers that have no origin labeling because they might be Israeli.  I guess flowers don’t grow in Flanders Field any longer.