Video: Scare Force One pics to remain classified

  • 3-hour trip on Air Force One: $300,000
  • Military jet escort: $30,000
  • Pictures generated from panicking the largest American city: Classified.

The White House has decided to keep the pictures from the Scare Force One classified, which given the circumstances, seems like an odd decision:

I can understand why the White House would choose not to use the pictures, and remind everyone of the almost-criminal stupidity of the Obama administration in doing flybys of New York City skyscrapers with a big jet plane without warning people. But keeping them classified? We have plenty of shots in the public domain of Scare Force One buzzing terrified New Yorkers, most of them taken by the people who wondered whether al-Qaeda had launched another attack on the city. The stupidity of this public-relations mission has already leaked to the public.

Speaking of which, has Obama fired the person responsible for this idiocy? Apparently not; Louis Caldera, the man who approved this mission, still runs the White House Military Office.