Video: Cowboys practice facility collapses

At first, I thought this was more of a joke. The Metrodome here in Minneapolis has had the soft roof collapse on occasion, which created more of a headache than an emergency. This was more of a total collapse of the building, and a few Cowboys got injured badly enough to go to the hospital, including one broken back. The footage from the inside is pretty dramatic:

I can’t stand the Cowboys, but hopefully everyone recovers quickly and fully. The special-teams coach broke two vertebra in his back, and others suffered knee and head injuries, but it could have been worse. Electrical lines broke, and head coach Wade Phillips noted that it was almost a miracle no one got electrocuted with all of the water on the ground.

Someone has to explain how the team came to use a building that couldn’t stand up to a Texas storm, though, and why no one evacuated the air-bubble structure when the winds got high enough. Jerry Jones built it six years ago, so he’s the one who has to answer some questions.