Why wait?

Jim Geraghty discovers this amusing Obamadulation over at MS-NBC in the midst of their speculation on David Souter’s successor on the Supreme Court:

And some fun speculation: Had Clinton been president and Obama been in the Senate, would he be the favorite to fill the first SCOTUS opening? How about Clinton? Had she not been tapped for Secretary of State, would she be our focus right now? Who will be the first columnist to write: Could Barack Obama’s post-presidential career be on the Supreme Court?

That would not be entirely unprecedented.  William Howard Taft made that move, finishing a long career in public service by becoming Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.  Of course, Taft actually worked as an attorney for more than a couple of years and served as an Ohio judge, US Solicitor General to the Supreme Court, and on the US Sixth District Court of Appeals, any and all of which gave him a lot more credibility and experience than Obama for a seat on the Supreme Court — or for that matter, a seat in the Oval Office.

However, I’d gladly accept all of that if Obama wanted to take the seat now.  Well, except for one small detail:

President Joe Biden.

Jim objects to the legacy planning at this stage:

Really? It’s not enough that we’ve had 100 days of telling us Obama is the greatest president ever, that he’s the best qualities of FDR, JFK, RFK, Reagan, Clinton and Ataturk combined, that people are already arguing that two terms for him isn’t enough, but now we have to think about coronating him to his next extremely powerful position after this?

What next, figuring out some way to download his brain into a cybernetic body that won’t age, so that we can have his presence around forever?

I, for one, can’t resist speculating on what Obama will do with his life when he’s no longer President.  I’m just hoping that day arrives in 2013 rather than 2017.