Videos: The real goal of health-care "reform"

The Obama administration and Congressional Democrats want to pass a $634 billion health-care reform bill that they claim will not crowd out private insurers but will only restructure health-care delivery more rationally. One of its co-sponsors, though, lets the cat out of the bag while drumming up support in Chicago earlier this month. Rep. Jan Schakowsky tells the audience that the bill is a Trojan horse for single-payer, and that she’s not interested in waging a “principled fight”, as Verum Serum discovers:

Readers might say that Schakowsky is just one co-sponsor and not representative of the effort. That might fly, except for another clip that Verum Serum rediscovered featuring Barack Obama telling the AFL-CIO in 2003 what his end goal is for health-care reform:

The socialist website Peoples Weekly World certainly understood Schakowsky’s message:

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.) and co-sponsor of HR-676 answered criticisms from single-payer advocates. She said the public option is not a compromise, but a strategic step toward the single-payer system and the elimination of the private insurance industry.

The private sector is united in opposing any legislation that would expand publicly funded health care over and against the virtual monopoly of insurance companies.

The public option is simply the opening salvo against the private sector, Schakowsky and other speakers said.

Both Schakowsky and McNary stressed the need for solidarity among health care reform activists, in order to build mass support and momentum toward the goal of a single-payer system.

No, the Obama administration is the opening salvo against the private sector. This administration plans socialization on a massive scale over the next few years. No wonder Schakowsky hated the Tea Parties so much; some of us are on to them.