Thou shalt have no other gods before Card Check

How desperate have the unions become to get Card Check passed in Congress?  They’ve begun to start making religious arguments at their rallies.  One attendee of a Sacramento, California union rally scanned one of their handouts, which has to be seen to be believed:

The unions aren’t taking any chances.  They’re not sticking to the New Testament.  In fact, they make reference to Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, the latter with a quote from Mohammed himself, complete with the traditional pbuh afterwards.

Unfortunately, they prove themselves just as adept at religious analysis as they do at politics in connection with Card Check.  “Our true wealth is the good we do in this world” isn’t an argument for higher wages, but a call to disregard the material over the spiritual.  Did they even read that before sticking it on a representation of the Dead Sea Scrolls — which, by the way, had nothing at all to do with Islam?  Only the middle quote, James 5:4, has anything to do with wages and payment — and even that was a parable.  Jesus was not the “first community organizer,” and He didn’t die on the cross in order to get management to talk to labor.

Note to Big Labor: The “oppressive decrees” had nothing to do with mandatory government arbitration or the lack thereof.  Try studying the Bible to find out what this meant, instead of doing a poor job of quote harvesting.  Having someone Google the Bible and the Koran is not the same as reading them, and certainly not the same as understanding them.

But more than just the nonsensical liturgy Big Labor tries to provide for its flock, the presentation is laughable.  It uses overwrought language in a presentation right of a Children’s Bible.  Do they really think this little of their intended audience?  I’m surprised they didn’t include stick figures and little puzzles.  Maybe they could have Card Check Sudoku, where none of the numbers add up.