Alert the Media, plus Specter's Twitter

I’ll be talking with Rob Breakenridge about Arlen Specter’s switcheroo for his CHQR listeners in Calgary on AM 770.  We’ll discuss what impact this will have on the current session of Congress and for long-term Republican prospects.  Rob keeps a keen eye on American politics, and it’s always great to talk with our Canadian friends.

Perhaps we can discuss Arlen Specter’s Twitter feed while we’re at it.  It hasn’t been updated in a few days, but it gives a clear indication of the principles that went into Specter’s decision to pull a Jumpin’ Jim:

Pat Toomey wants to be Senator “number 100 and vote ‘no’ on everything.”
10:50 AM Apr 22nd from web

Pat Toomey: pushing the GOP further into the minority.
9:19 PM Apr 21st from web

Toomey admits Senate is not desirable. He’d be “bereft of seniority” and “oppose policies instead of proposing them”
5:13 PM Apr 21st from web

Pennsylvania Club for Growth Founder: Toomey “can’t win the general election,” & should withdraw from the race.
8:27 AM Apr 21st from web

PA Democratic Party Chair TJ Rooney: “We all pray every night we don’t have to run against Arlen Specter.”
12:24 PM Apr 17th from web

Show your support and follow campaign events and issues. Visit
4:47 PM Apr 16th from web

Pat Toomey, the Democrats’ MVP. How Toomey cannibalized the GOP:
1:45 PM Apr 15th from web

Obsessed much? The Republican Party didn’t leave Specter. He just didn’t have the guts to face off against another Republican in a primary.