Robert Kennedy: Obama "indentured servant" to coal industry

Robert Kennedy Jr has made a career out of saying stupid things, such as his argument earlier this year that hog producers posed a greater threat to this nation than Osama bin Laden.  However, his latest attack of foot-in-mouth disease will probably cost him a lot more dearly, or at least it would, if the Left had any sense of consistency.  Kennedy called Barack Obama an “indentured servant” to the coal industry:

“Clean coal is a dirty lie,” says environmentalist Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who calls President Barack Obama and other politicians who commit taxpayer money to develop it “indentured servants” of the coal industry.

Despite a series of expensive false starts and failures, President Obama proposed $3.4 billion in stimulus legislation to fund continued research on “clean coal” projects.

“Clean coal is like healthy cigarettes, it does not exist,” says former Vice President Al Gore.

“Indentured servant” means “slave”, for those who may be unfamiliar with the term.  Had a Republican called Obama an “indentured servant” to unions, the environmental lobby, the abortion industry, or the anti-globalist whackos at the G-20 summit, the Left would have gone into full meltdown.  Keith Olbermann would have added an extra hour to give minute-by-minute coverage of the crisis.  Janeane Garofalo would appear on every talk show to proclaim the vindication of her opinion of conservatives as motivated by nothing more than race.  Roland Martin would demand time to lecture America on the evils of analogies.

Will any of that happen with Robert Kennedy, Jr?  I wouldn’t hold my breath.  Instead, we’ll continue to get lectured on how criticizing Barack Obama’s massive expansion of federal government is inherently racist, while a Democratic goofball calling him a slave is not.

Update: A couple of people quibble with my definition of “indentured servant” being equivalent to slave, noting that, originally, such servants only worked for a few years before paying off their debt.  Does anyone believe that RFK Jr meant that Obama would only work for Big Coal a couple of years to pay off some debt he owes them, or that he was their lackey?

Update II: Tommy Christopher says the HuffPo has debunked this — that RFK Jr never specifically mentioned Obama — but that HuffPo continues to headline the story.

Jazz Shaw Jun 22, 2021 6:01 PM ET