Video: Lila Rose exposes yet another PP clinic breaking the law

The Mona Lisa Project continues with its sixth in a series of undercover videos showing Planned Parenthood deliberately breaks state laws on reporting child abuse and statutory rape. This time, Lila Rose went to Memphis, where state law requires health-care providers to notify the state when they discover a sexual relationship between an adult and a minor 14 years of age or younger. Does Planned Parenthood call the cops, or teach Lila to lie about it so she can get her abortion?

Yes, that’s a completely rhetorical question:

We now have six videotaped examples of Planned Parenthood obstructing justice by coaching its patients to lie about their circumstances so that they can ring the cash register on the abortion. Thus far, we have only one confirmed state investigation into PP practices, in Indiana, where the AG has video of two different instances of Planned Parenthood covering up sexual abuse of minors.

Congress should strip Planned Parenthood of all federal funding while they continue to violate laws enacted to protect children and adolescents from sexual exploitation by adults. And how many data points will the Department of Justice need before they start considering this a RICO conspiracy to break state laws in order to maximize sales?