Video: Ahmadinejad prompts walkout at UN conference

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made public what the Durban II conference was always about, which was a forum for the worst terrorist supporters and human-rights abusers to publicly accuse Israel of racism. A number of nations had already decided to boycott Durban II, led by Canada, with the US shamefully providing little leadership among Western nations until this past weekend. Some of those remaining had enough minimal sense to humiliate Ahmadinejad by walking out on his speech:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accused Israel of being the “most cruel and racist regime,” sparking a walkout Monday by angry Western diplomats at a U.N. racism conference.

The hard-line leader’s appearance overshadowed the substance of the weeklong United Nations attempt to stamp out intolerance worldwide. The United States and eight other Western countries, expressing concerns about its fairness, were already boycotting the event.

Protesters dressed with clown wigs and holding placards repeatedly interrupted Ahmadinejad’s speech with shouts of “Shame! shame!” and “Racist! racist!” throwing soft red objects on the podium. Later, about 100 members of mainly pro-Israel and Jewish groups blocked Ahmadinejad’s entrance to a scheduled news conference.

Those that remained cheered Ahmadinejad, but then again, they attended for the same purpose Iran did — to distract from their own horrid human-rights records. The diplomats staging the walkout appear in fine spirits, though, high-fiving each other as they exit stage right.

I have a question for the Durban II panel: Do any of you appreciate the irony of holding an anti-racism symposium and giving the stage to a raging anti-Semite? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?