Video: The Napolitano walkback begins

Sort of, anyway. DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano gives the standard non-apology apology, the “I’m sorry if anyone was offended” statement. She does a reverse Truman towards the end, though, when she refuses to say that she approved the warning her own department issued, saying she was “briefed” but didn’t sign off on it. Think she’s building her defense for the House Committee on Homeland Security?

Napolitano at one point challenges the Fox anchors to “read the report,” and winds up with egg on her face when they respond:

At about 6:30, Steve Doocy asks her whether the Catholic Church qualifies as a potential terrorist threat, since they protest abortion. He reads off the definition, and Napolitano says she’d dump the footnote … now. Why not just admit that from the beginning? She tries to say that they do the same thing for the Left, but that report did not warn that an increase in animal-rights sentiment was a potential danger to our national security; instead, the DHS actually specified the groups that needed watching.

Update: My friend Kevin McCullough wants Napolitano fired.

Ed Morrissey Nov 29, 2021 8:25 AM ET