Hot Air exclusive: Senator John Ensign

Earlier today, I spoke with Senator John Ensign in an exclusive interview on domestic policy. We began with a focus on Card Check but then moved to cap-and-trade and the status of the Drill Here Drill Now push on Capitol Hill. I finished by asking Senator Ensign how Republicans can win in the midterms:

Some quick takeaways:

  • Ensign thinks that a business-Democrat alliance on health care may be overstated, and only temporary.
  • The unions may opt for incrementalism on Card Check in order to get around the lack of support at the moment in the Senate, but they’re not going to give up on Card Check.
  • Cap-and-trade may not come up in Congress this year, but Ensign worries that Obama will get most of what he wants through EPA regulation.
  • Expect a big push from Republicans this summer on Drill Here Drill Now.

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