Video: Another cautionary Card Check tale

In my numerous posts on Card Check, I remind people that the secret ballot in union organizing elections protects employees from both sides — unions that want to gain dues-paying members, and employers who don’t want to deal with unions. But what happens when an employer colludes with a union, bought off by the union for debt relief?  That scenario unfolded in Indiana, and employees there found no refuge from harassment, as Fox News reports:

[H]er larger point here is this: if there had not been card check, if there had been a secret ballot, nobody in the plant would have known how she voted and therefore she would have not been in a position of being threatened by her fellow employees.

In this case, the employees had to file a demand for a secret-ballot decertification vote immediately after their employer recognized the union, once they had strong-armed enough cards out of the workers.  They got rid of the union, but only after being bullied and harassed into certifying them through the card-check process.  This is a clear example of why employees need secret-ballot elections for unionization, and how Card Check can be used by union thugs into gaining access to workplaces illegitimately.

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