Apocalypse alert: Barney Frank tells Code Pink to "grow up"

You have to see this video from Townhall to believe it. Barney Frank, fresh from calling Antonin Scalia a homophobe, chastises the Left’s darlings, Code Pink, for being disruptive during his committee hearing today. In fact, he scolds them twice (via Scoop This):

Would you please act your age back there? Stop playing with that sign. If you have no greater powers of concentration, leave the room. We’re trying to have a serious discussion, which will include, you understand, a lot of criticism. We really need people to grow up. …

You, who stood up, who has the sign up … The next one that holds a sign up — it is distracting to people. I understand that there are some people for whom rational discussion is not an appropriate means of expressing themselves. You are entitled to do that in general, but not in a way that interrupts those of us who are trying to have rational discussions. So the next one who holds a sign will be ejected. Uh, I do not know how you think you advance any cause to which you might be attached by this kind of silliness.

Gee, I don’t know, Mr. Frank. How do you advance your cause through namecalling and demagoguing? It seems to me that Code Pink learns from example.

On the other hand, I’m certainly not sad to see Code Pink get called “silly”, irrational, immature, and essentially stupid. We’ve known all that for years. It turns out the Democrats do, too, which will be a big shock to people like Jodie Evans, who raised tens of thousands of dollars for Democrats like Frank in 2008. They should stick with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Hugo Chavez.