Video: Organizing for America's training program

I’ve been mulling over this latest entry from Naked Emperor News since yesterday afternoon, when I first saw it. On one hand, organizing for political change is perfectly fine, and I suppose training videos to make organizing more successful make sense. On the other hand, organizing a door-to-door campaign to support a political leader already elected to office seems to tip over into that cult-of-personality territory, to which Organizing for America seems oblivious:

From a purely pragmatic point of view, the OFA effort makes sense as a means of collecting addresses for later political campaigns. Think of it as a more-organized successor to the VP selection text messaging Team Obama used in August 2008.

But the mission here seems very, very strange, and not in line with traditional politicking at all. The creepy, ubiquitous Obama logo on their material gives the game away. They’re not supporting the economic policies, which by the way have yet to be fully explained. How can they encourage people to support Obama’s economic policies when even the Obama administration has trouble articulating them and providing details? And even if they could, the omnibus budget bill and Porkulus have already passed Congress and been signed into law. So why do they need a door-to-door campaign?

The policies don’t need the door-to-door campaign; Obama does. They’re pushing their Obama fetish, not grassroots policy change. And that’s very, very creepy.