Ramirez: The Captain Louis Renault Award

Michael Ramirez of Investors Business Daily gives us the clearest look at the highly hypocritical outrage on Capitol Hill over the AIG bonuses — and he uses one of my favorite themes to do it. Noting that “casa blanca” translates to “White House”, Ramirez casts Chris Dodd as the corrupt Captain Louis Renault, the man who shouts his outrage over gambling at Rick’s Cafe Americain while openly accepting the winnings he received from the rigged games.  I especially liked Ramirez’s touch at renaming the cafe (via Power Line):

If you have never seen Casablanca, Ramirez took his cue from this scene:

I like to use this clip whenever I give out a Captain Louis Renault award for hypocritical outrage … but after Dodd, it may never have quite the same application.

Ramirez has a terrific collection of his works: Everyone Has the Right to My Opinion, which covers the entire breadth of Ramirez’ career, and it gives a fascinating look at political history.  Read my review here, and watch my interviews with Ramirez here and here.  And don’t forget to check out the entire IBD site, while individual investors still exist.