Cornyn: How about filling out an org chart instead?

The chair of the NRSC took his shot at President Obama during a floor speech ripping the administration for their handling of the AIG bailout. Look for it at about the five-minute mark if you’re impatient, but Sen. John Cornyn’s whole speech is worth watching:

CNN offers the quote:

Texas Sen. John Cornyn took a much harsher tone Thursday in a floor speech, saying that Obama might want to spend less time making basketball predictions and more time filling the many job openings still at the Treasury Department. Having more hands on deck, he said, might have led to better oversight of the AIG situation.

“I appreciate that President Obama has completed his ‘March Madness’ Tournament Bracket,” Cornyn said. “Yet the organizational chart of his administration still has far too many open slots.”

The White House still only lists Tim Geithner among its appointments for the Treasury, meaning that it still has not nominated anyone for the seventeen other Senate-confirmation senior appointments.  We’re coming up on two months.  How much longer will it take?