Video: Two Phoenix PP clinics cover up statutory rape

Lila Rose and Live Action have a new video from their Mona Lisa project, investigating Planned Parenthood clinics and their evasion of laws designed to protect underage girls from sexual abuse. This time, though, Lila didn’t find one clinic in Phoenix that broke the law. She found two:

Two more Planned Parenthood clinics in Phoenix, AZ were caught on tape concealing statutory rape. In a developing multi-state child abuse scandal, these are the fourth and fifth Planned Parenthood clinics implicated. Employees deliberately neglect their legal obligations to report statutory rape, and instead offer secret abortions.

Lila Rose and Jackie Stollar, both college students posing as 15-year-old girls, entered two Phoenix Planned Parenthood clinics undercover and told employees at one clinic that Stollar needed an abortion because her adult “boyfriend” had impregnated her, giving his age as 27-years-old at the second clinic.

Arizona state law requires law enforcement to be contacted immediately if an adult-child relationship is revealed. Failure to report incidents of sexual abuse are punishable under this law.

After Stollar explains that her boyfriend is “a lot older than me,” a staffer at the first clinic states: “we don’t ask any questions.” At the second clinic, upon hearing that the boyfriend is 27-years-old, the employee reassures the girls that “everything is confidential.” She also tells the girls she will not intervene: “I can’t say ‘Don’t’ you know or ‘I’m gonna go and do this.’ I cannot be that way, it’s not me.”

At one point, the clinic worker assures Lila that Planned Parenthood has no problem with a 27-year-old man coming in to pay for a 15-year-old’s abortion, saying, “No, we don’t ask any questions.”  Of course not — as long as they get the money, they could care less about complying with state laws for reporting statutory rape.  As the entire Mona Lisa Project has proven, that’s Planned Parenthood policy, and not just isolated cases of malfeasance.

That’s why David Vitter tried to cut Planned Parenthood off from government funds in the omnibus spending bill passed by Congress this month.  Opponents dishonestly attacked it as an attack on family-planning funding, when in fact it didn’t reduce funds by a single dollar.  It made Planned Parenthood ineligible to receive them, and this is one of the reasons why.  An organization as either hostile towards or incapable of following the law should not get a single dime of taxpayer money.