Video: Terrorist mosque in Minneapolis?

CBS News actually produced a probing look into the growing concern here in the Twin Cities that a local mosque may be producing terrorists in the Somali population. One member of the Abubakar Islamic Center has already conducted a suicide bombing in Somalia and 20 more members have disappeared, which has the FBI worried that some of these American citizens may return with a mission in mind:

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Some 20 vanished last year – all American citizens – an exodus the FBI has noticed for a troubling reason.

“A man from Minneapolis became what we believe to be the first U.S. citizen to carry out a terrorist suicide bombing,” said agency director Robert Mueller.

The October attack by 27-year-old Shirwa Ahmed killed 30 near Mogadishu, and there is alarm that the skills acquired abroad could be brought back to America.

“He could have done it here,” says Omar Jamal, a Somali advocate in Minnesota. “We don’t see anything that would have prevented him from doing this right here in the heart of Minneapolis.”

Neither do the rest of us in the Twin Cities. And while the Abubakar Islamic Center uses the we-can’t-be-guilty-because-people-harrass-us defense, it looks like a lot more than coincidence that these radicalized American citizens all worshiped at the same place just before they left. (via William Amos)