Video: Megyn Kelly punks Bill Press on Fairness Doctrine

We got a lot of e-mail about the confrontation between Megyn Kelly and longtime libtalker Bill Press over the Fairness Doctrine, and for good reason. Watch as Bill Press tried to explain Air America’s failure as “running out of money” but avoids Kelly’s conclusion that failing to get listeners was the cause of the cash drought:

“Where they want it, [liberal radio] succeeds, and where they don’t, it doesn’t.” That seems clear enough to everyone except Press, who responds by naming a list of markets where people don’t support libtalkers. He complains twice about the death of libtalking Obama 1260 in DC without mentioning the fact that its ratings were so low it took a microscope to find its listeners. In fact, Obama 1260 carried the entire list of libtalkers Press names as examples of brilliant voices silenced by an evil conspiracy of conservative radio station owners, and the station owner dumped the format because he couldn’t sell their air time to advertisers.

Second biggest laugh: Press won’t apply the Fairness Doctrine to NPR. He wants government dictating content to commercial radio stations, but not to government-subsidized radio stations. Huh?

Biggest laugh: Press says he doesn’t want the Fairness Doctrine, but the “Fair and Balanced Doctrine”. That’s why libtalker marketing needs government intervention to survive. I’ll stick with the free market, thank you.