Caption Contest: Obama's Gerald Ford moment

When Gerald Ford got caught in a clumsy moment, it practically made Chevy Chase’s career on Saturday Night LiveTom Maguire wonders whether this moment will produce the same result now:

President Barack Obama waves and learns the door on Marine One is much shorter than he is, and bumps his head slightly, Monday, Feb 9, 2009 …

Somehow I doubt that The One will get anywhere near the ridicule that Ford received for his stumbles, even if we see more of these in Obama’s future.  I’d guess that Obama would handle any ribbing he’d get over this with the good-natured, self-deprecating humor that he’s displayed in the past on everything but his politics, where he tends to get thin-skinned rather quickly.

We can help Obama get a few laughs by creating our own caption for the image.  The prize for this contest?  The respect of your Hot Air peers, plus the potential of getting hired by SNL’s Lorne Michaels to write some of the skits they’ll run after this.

Oh, come now … you didn’t fall for that, did you?

Update (AP): A golden moment.