Audio: Hannity wonders why Democrats don't pay taxes

Some might say that Sean Hannity is being unfair to Democrats, but they’re the ones who provide the examples. With Al Franken and Charles Rangel already exposed for their serial tax evasions, the last thing Democrats needed was a couple more high-profile examples — but Barack Obama provided them anyway as Cabinet appointments. And four does start looking more like a trend:

Here’s the question. Why don’t liberals pay taxes? We kept hearing the Caroline Kennedy had a tax problem. Timothy Geithner has a tax problem. The committee that writes tax law, the House Ways and Means Committee, well their chairman Charlie Rangel, whoops sorry, he failed to report seventy-five thousand dollars in income. Oh it’s a hiccup, it’s not a problem, and of course we have I guess, the hero of every liberal is Al Franken and Al Franken didn’t pay his taxes in what, eighteen states or whatever it was at the time. I mean just absurd.

To be fair, we don’t know that Caroline Kennedy has tax problems; that was just one rumor among several that got floated as a reason for her withdrawal from consideration as a replacement for Hillary Clinton. I don’t think I’d characterize Franken as a “hero of every liberal” either. I’ve met more than a few that are embarrassed by his presence, although not nearly enough. Still, four looks less like coincidence and more like a pattern of people who want to jack up taxes while doing their best to keep from paying them.