A Jewcy photo-caption opportunity

This is making the rounds this week, from LGF to Right Wing News to Q&O, and what better way to end the year but with a photo-caption open thread that relies on the idiocy of protestors?  This comes from a pro-Palestinian demonstration in Manhattan on Sunday, where participants wanted to show both their intelligence and their tolerance.  The latter can be found in the small print just above “Juice”, where the protestor managed to spell (Zionist) correctly.  It’s a good thing he clarified, because I had a couple of alternate takes on what this meant before I expanded the picture:

  1. He’s unhappy with the sentence OJ Simpson received in Las Vegas.
  2. Tropicana was really behind the 9/11 attacks.
  3. Got Milk?

Feel free to contribute your best caption, and have a safe and happy New Year celebration tonight!  We’re still waiting for Granddaughter #2 to make her debut, so with a little luck, perhaps we’ll ring in the new year at the maternity ward tonight!

Update: You’ve laughed at the picture — now get the T-shirt! (via Jammie Wearing Fool)

Update II: Robert Spencer says Pamela Geller had the pic first, so let’s put up a link to Atlas Shrugs.  He has another “Death to All Juice” pic and says that the wording is deliberate so as to give the protestors “plausible deniability” from being pegged as genocidists.  If so, that makes them even more foolish and comical than first thought.

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