Video: IDF humanitarian shipments to Gaza

The IDF has begun to get the hang of the Intertubes.  It has established a North American liaison to media and bloggers and started pushing out video to ensure that the Israelis can work around established media when necessary.  Today, as the IDF continues its assault on Hamas positions in Gaza, they want to make sure that people see that they have not stopped humanitarian deliveries to Gazans:

The Red Cross complained that Israel had slowed transit of their aid and medical supplies during an interview with the BBC. Their spokesperson claims that the IDF allowed as much through the Kerem Shalom crossing as the Red Cross requested, and would have allowed more if the Red Cross had asked for more. The IDF obviously has a heightened sense of media play and wants to head off any suggestion that they are attacking Gazans in general rather than Hamas specifically. The videos are intended to underscore that message.

Perhaps they shouldn’t have worried. The BBC report seems balanced, noting prominently Israel’s stated objectives against Hamas and taking care to differentiate the targets of Israel’s air raids:

Israeli air raids have pounded the Gaza Strip for a third day, hitting key sites linked to militant group Hamas.

Gaza’s interior ministry and Islamic University were the latest targets.

Hamas says 312 Palestinians have died since Saturday, of which the UN says 57 were civilians. In Israel, a second person was killed by a militant rocket.

Defence Minister Ehud Barak said Israel was not fighting the people of Gaza but was in “a war to the bitter end” with Hamas, which has ruled Gaza since 2007.

The BBC also reported on Israel’s call-up of reservists without hysteria, noting that the 6500 mobilized would not be enough to reoccupy Gaza. So far, the IDF seems to have something it rarely receives: a decent shake from the global media. Perhaps even journalists have tired of Hamas and their terrorist activities on behalf of Iran and the mullahcracy.

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