NFL Open Thread: Steelers vs Browns

Thankfully, today’s game between the Steelers and the Browns has nothing at stake except pride.  The Steelers have the second seed in the playoffs, and thanks to last week’s loss to the Titans, cannot possibly move up to #1.  They’ve won the division, too.  The Browns have no tomorrow, but they’d love to go out with a big win against their division rival, especially given the precarious position of their coaching staff after a very disappointing season.  The Steelers need to rest their starters and get some playing time to the second string before the playoffs, but I’m going to bet on Pittsburgh to beat the hapless Browns, 23-17.

Today’s full of big games, and I’ll offer my completely unreliable picks:

  • The Detroit Lions have an opportunity grab destiny by the collar and become the worst team in NFL history.  Unfortunately for them, they face off against a Green Bay team that has had few fourth-quarter leads that they keep.  I’ll opt to go with history and predict Green Bay will win in a rout at home, 38-14, because a rout is all they can win these days.
  • Jets-Dolphins: This will probably be the game of the day, as they’re battling for the last playoff spot in the AFC.  The Dolphins have momentum and the Jets have the home-field advantage.  I’m going with momentum.  Miami will beat the Jets in overtime, 27-24, and complete their Cinderella comeback season from Lions-land in 2007.
  • Broncos-Chargers: Can Denver blow a three-game division lead and let San Diego win it with a .500 record?  Yes, they can.  Again, momentum goes with the Chargers, and they’re playing at home to boot.  Chargers over the Broncos, 31-21.
  • Giants-Vikings: The Giants don’t need a win here, but thanks to the Packers and their come-from-ahead overtime loss in Chicago last week, the Vikings have to have one to win the division.  I think the Giants will rest some of their starters and the Vikings will win their final home game, but it will be close … 24-21.