Video: The Presidator?

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told 60 Minutes last night that he wouldn’t mind a bit if Congress and the states amended the Constitution to allow non-native-born citizens the ability to become President. In fact, he’d celebrate in all 50 states by throwing parties, giving speeches, and, er … asking people to vote for him for the top job (via Radio Vice Online):

“The fire season has been extended by climate change”? Really? I lived in California for most of my life, and fire season has always been in autumn. When did these fires hit? In November. In 1997, the year I left California for good, the fires hit at the end of October.

The Governator misses two better reasons why California gets hit by wildfire: droughts and poor forest management. Southern California is essentially a desert with a couple of big man-made oases developed by massive aqueducts and water management. It gets dry constantly, especially in the foothills.  That’s why proper forest management to clear deadwood and to keep brush low is essential, but California forestry officials get constantly hampered by environmentalists who object to disturbing habitats.  That leaves a lot of dry, dead fuel to ignite in these blazes, which accounts for more and hotter fires.

If this is an example of what a Schwarzenegger administration would look like, skip the amendment.  We’ve already elected Obama once.