Video: Abdul the Reluctant Martyr

I played this on yesterday’s show and got a couple of requests for links, so here’s my palate cleanser for today. It’s intended as a spoof of sit-coms in the age of global terrorism, and the lyrics are as hilarious as the animation:

Originally, I wanted to find a copy of a short called Snowie and the Seven Dorps: A Passive-Aggressive Fairy Tale, which I had seen years ago. A little research brought me to Buzzco, which produced this as well as Snowie, but unfortunately all Buzzco provides of Snowie is a 15-second clip.  They have plenty of other clips to keep people amused for hours, as well as some industrial productions that are pretty clever.

Watch for the end of the clip, when Buzzco parodies a much-beloved sitcom theme song.  They owe me a new laptop screen.